Saturday, October 27, 2012

Keep thinking everyday, i want to do this, that, thousands wishes everyday!....and life is too short to accommodate each and every wish! decided today…there should be a wish list….things do before I die!

1.Start my  company-be my own boss!...of what? will know!....:-)

2.Visit temples in varanasi and attend purna kumbh mela-my ancestral roots takes me to Varanasi, city of          temple, never been so religious in life…would definitely like to feel the religious aura around me!, all the temples in varanasi and kumbh mela coming this January (with the street food at these places).

3.Attend the Olympic games-2016 Rio olympics!...simply awesome!

4. Become a fighter pilot for a day-just for 1 day!.....but plane zarur udana hai!...don’t smile!

5. Deep sea diving:   Maldives is the perfect place!....hopefully march!

6.Get passionate about a cause-build the best kidney hospital in india!...why?...dont ask.:-(

7.Watch a space shuttle launch-trip to NASA…the only space research organization too offer this facility!

8. Attend Rihanna concert-riri is my favoriteesst singer!!...wonder if she will ever come to India!

9.Visit all the seven wonders-starting this january, “wah Taj” sabse pehle!!

10. Record a song in  studio-used to be child artist, for radio, once upon a time….wanna record my own album someday!

11. Stay in an overwater bungalow in bora bora-destination honeymoon precisely…..shy shy!...:-D

12 . Become a space tourist: Virgin atlantic space tourist center will be up and running by next year…keeping my fingers crossed!

For now, that’s it!.....:-)