Saturday, July 30, 2011

gud luck sachin!!

Hi!!....Here is 1 more saturday...and as usual....velapanti in office!..:D
so, i was seeing the news on tv sometime back and the only question every1 is asking??....will sachin be able to make that 100th run???
its true that he has a record of losing his wicket at 99 runs...but this tym i feel he wil.....just keeping my fingers crossed!
i personally think he is an optimistic person, dedicated to his work  and ya with lot of patience.
today when every1 is expecting him to play that 1 royal shot...i guess the 1 thing in his mind will be to play as much as he can and pull out india from this tough situation which they are in now.
i like to see him playing on field with his usual expression..."calm" ever!!
so mr. little master" wishing you tonnes of luck for that royal shot"!!!..............:-)

rest later.........:-)


  1. Out...!!! :( jus 16 runs in 34 balls....

  2. 100 should be 100 well informed!!

  3. iam swthrt!!!....u better tell the difference!!