Thursday, October 30, 2014

Book Review: Gone Girl.

I am going to make a confession: Thriller is not my genre. I am more of Nicolas Sparks and Richard Branson type of reader, not to mention Chetan Bhagat. 
I am also passing through a phase where I want to read vintage classic piece like Charles Dicknes, Thomas Hardy et al. Having said that, I picked up Gone Girl because of the sheer media attention it was enjoying and offcourse the movie. Gone Girl is everywhere. Ben Affleck will be competing with Shah Rukh khan in Indian theatre this festive season; I thought why not finish the book before that and I am glad I did that. The book later make me sit all night and finish it in one go. It was a fun read for a person like me who most of the time chooses to read happy-go-lucky type stories. Yup! You get it, Gone Girl is a dark, Sadist and Physio kind of book and not every one’s cup of tea.
Gone Girl is the story of a husband-wife myridly bored with their married lives. Nick Dunne a sports journalist with one of the New York famous magazines swiped Amy Elliot off her feet; the drop dead gorgeous author of the Nation's best seller "Amazing Amy". And like it always happens, the relationship was all coy and rosy untill that unfaithful day when Amazing Amy suddenly disappears from her home. 
Nick Dunne was suspected of murdering his wife and all the evidences were pointing fingers at him. But the question is ‘Did he really murder his wife?
The plot of the book is gripping not to mention the highly addictive storyline. Gone girl is a kind of book which will make you question the faith of life and relationships; at times forcing you to believe that the faith of every relationship is same. It is a book which once again proves a man inability(read every men) to read his wife’s head. It also enlighten the  fact that not only man but women also possess ego’s somewhere deep inside them, most of the time they are not aware of its presence. But someone like Amy Elliot is not ignorant.
Above of all, if you get impressed by the shear good reviews of this book and the movie, lemme warn you, this book might make you question the faith in humankind.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The descendance of god "The new iphone".

Disclaimer: this blog is for humor purpose and I don't have any intention to hurt the feeling of "iphone" lovers.

I woke late to this day of utmost importance, not that I was crashing in some drain from the last night hangover. I have a habit of over sleeping unless my back starts hurting or I am shit hungry. I was ignorant of the mind boggling fact that the world was about to change today, for better or worse. It was bright sunny Wednesday like another day with the same old traffic, same old work life. It was just another day for me until I realized it wasn't.

I sat on my desk munching on the Apple( I mean the fruit here, calm down!), which I had bought from "Bigbasket" and switched on my computer. Now you and me are secretly aware of the fact that nobody in today's world starts working unless they have scanned there Facebook timeline for the day. You never know what precious information will you miss in those eight hours of sleep you had last night. Its very difficult to catch up with the fast moving life of today's and Facebook as we all know is the new newspaper.

The facebook login page was right in front of me and I entered my username and password. I was blissfully unaware of the fact that my world was about to change in the new few seconds. I pressed the login button on the page displayed and Hallelujah! what the hell just happened?! The world  indeed has change in the past few hours. People across the globe were screaming, shouting, howling and bursting in tears of joy that the god has finally descended on this planet and they felt extremely humbled and grateful to be alive and healthy to witness this moment of true significance. The god was named by my fellow humans as "iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus".

Hmmm...iphone?!! I grumbled. What a strange name this god has got as if all the other names are banned? Till yesterday we had gods like ganeshji, shivji, Jesus Christ, Allah and many other with such beautiful and meaningful names but and in today's world its called an "iphone"? Really? how sad is that for a god to have a name like that?!

I crushed my luck and fate for again missing such an moment of historic and godly importance; the previous one? when ganesh ji had started drinking milk all over the country. Don't believe me, ask any of your Indian friends! you will get the whole story.

 My disappointment knew no bounds. I apologized to the dear god "iPhone" for my ignorance and started to Google out other pages on the internet to gain some more information about our new god! I browsed the pages of news websites, blog pages and twitter reactions, all of them were talking about this god but the discussions seemed to be like praising the features of a mobile phone unlike the divine qualities of a god which we all knew.

I couldn't take up this feeling of guilt and confusion anymore. I decided to check up with my friends and colleagues in a hope to find out if there are any other "humans"on this planet as ignorant as me, until i realized there were none. I was the most stupidest, dumbest and non tech savvy person of this century. The apple I was eating ( I mean the fruit, again) fell from my hands, my blood seems to freeze in my veins and my heart beat decreased. The god everyone is busy talking about since yesterday is indeed a "Phone" and not some new god descending from heaven or as shown in our bollywood movies. holy crap!

Is there a rumor again that world is ending in November 2014? I whispered to my colleague who was wearing a high power reading glasses and was busy reading the pages of mashable, huffington post, new york times and many more to gain as much information on this newly launched "phone".

His eyes were still glued on the monitor but he answered "Not that I know, why are you asking that?

Because everyone is going gaga over the mere launch of a phone, as if they have nothing else to do. I muttered munching on my last bite of the Apple(fruit again) which I could afford. Today its an "Apple" phone, tomorrow it will be a "Blackberry" phone? what's the big deal anyway?!

Pardon me! my colleague turned his face away from the monitor and look up to me. A look which was enough to freeze what ever blood I had left in my body. What did you just said can you repeat that? he fumed. For your information sweetheart its not just another phone, its an "iPhone". he screamed out loud. People like you have no idea how significant this day is! I have been anxiously waiting since last year for the launch of this "iPhone" and in fact have mortgaged my car to buy this gadget of a lifetime. He snatched tissue from my hand to wipe that droplet of tears flinking from the corner of his eyes. I want October 17 to come soon when this model debuts in India. I am so excited. I hope to the first person in my friend circle to own this phone. You don't know what this means to me. Its not just a phone, its proves my cool and trendy status in this society. He gleed in perfection with all his teeths smiling in union.

You do? I murmured while getting my senses back. I just have one question "Can this phone allows me to make a call to the real "god" the one we actually believes descends from heaven?!

Daaaa! its an iPhone! you cant talk about it like that! you are hurting my feelings by demeaning this glorious piece of handset and an "essence of me". Shut upOk?!

I am sure it is darling till the day some other "phone" decides to rule the market!

Until then! its not  just a phone its an "iphone". Remember that!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Why shut Down an entire city?

Disclaimer: It's my personal opinion I have no intentions to hurt anyone's sentiments. 
Ladies and Gentleman! You must be aware by now that Bangalore city is shut down today in protest of a rape incident of a 6 year old child in her own school. My heart goes to the victim and her family, her pain is beyond mine or your imagination and no words of wisdom will soothen her trauma. 
As a personal opinion,  I want the victim to be hanged till death or castrated for life. Unless we introduce tough laws in our legal system and create fear(yes, I mean that) this shit thing will not stop. As I write this blog someone, somewhere is getting raped. It's a spine chilling fact of our so called moral and ethical society.

Having said that, I don't understand why shut down an entire city?! Please explain this to me. How will disrupting the entire public machinery will bring justice to a victim when our Honourable chief Minister exclaims "Is this the only issue the public has to talk about". How does a observing a bandh and staying indoors will protect us from the "prospective rapes" when the budget allocated for women's safety by our new prime minister is just Rs. 200 crore? How does a Bangalore bandh helps in protecting the modesty of hundreds and thousands of women in this country when the judgement of Nirbhaya rape case is still pending and the rapist of this 6 year old toddler are still looming at large?
We are silently protesting against this heinous act of crime can be one argument. Is that really the case or my fellow Bangalorians have already planned there extended gateways to some exotic locations. Long weekend you know! The local liquor shop near my house last evening was  flooded as if there is no tomorrow. The handful of open restaurants have ran out of there famous grill chicken stocks. Too many orders Ma'am, the receptionist snuffle over the phone. My friends ping me "Why are you working today"? We have holiday at our office.What kind of sad organization you work for? Poor you.
I don't feel that a Bandh is a wise solution for critical issues like Rape and Violence against women. What we need in today’s time are tougher laws and assurance from our government that such criminal cases will not go unnoticed instead of the insensitive and irresponsible remarks by our learned politicians often chief Ministers. Stop encouraging “Boys will be boys phenomenon” and a diktak of does and don’t for women. ­These innovative measures will not improve our image as "Rape capital" of the world.
It’s wrong to say that we don’t have laws; it’s just that our laws are not strong enough. The Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, 2013 introduced by the former Congress government in a hurry to hide their face in the aftermaths of Nirbhaya Rape case debacle has more loopholes than practical solutions.
Few of the examples,
1. Acid attacks-as per the current law the punishment for acid attacks is imprisonment not less than ten years but which may extend to imprisonment for life and with fine which shall be just and reasonable to meet the medical expenses and it shall be paid to the victim(source-wikipedia). Did you ever met any acid attack victim in your life? Did you notice there burnt face or scar? There whole life is spoiled if they are spared alive. If they die, well and good; if they survive they live a life worse than hell. Is this law sufficient in the current from? Can it heal the permanent scar on their soul. No, it can't.
2. Any mention about marital rape in the above law? Nope, there's none. That terminology doesn't exist for in our cultural society. A married woman is supposed to have intercourse with her "Pati Parmeshwar" with or without her wish. She doesn't have a say and that's the noble cause she is born for. It's high time and already too late to introduce marital rape laws in our judicial system. 
3. There is no mention of Juvenile rapes in the current law. What if a 16 year old rapes someone? Isn't he liable for rigorous punishment if he can rape or should we let him roam freely on the roads to rape someone else when he grows up? 

It’s time for some bold and harsh decisions and it better be quick. The clock is ticking. As far as these bandhs are concerned, it is nothing but "just chilling" at the expense of someone’s trauma and pain. 
We should hang our head in shame.