Monday, February 25, 2013

Just a dream!

        "DARE to dream, DARE to fly, DARE to be the chosen one to touch the sky"!

Exactly a year back, i dared, to quit my job, yes, I decided to quit The Hindu...was not happy with my life, had no idea what to do next..had read somewhere, "Decide and then THINK"!

I did the same.

My friends were shell shocked "Are you mad! you are quitting "THE HINDU", do you realize what you are doing?!I didn't knew whether it was right or wrong!..i don't  know even today!..the only thing i know is if you are not happy or satisfied with what you are doing!..chuck it!..change your life! need to take that first body else will do it for you! don't have to be like everyone else! decision was taken as a immature and impatient decision by an unsatisfied youngster!..people even thought that I am just lying, moving back to Bangalore and joining times of India ..closed my ears and let people talk what they wanted!

After a little technical delay, will be operational from tomorrow morning, and tonight while writing this blog, I feel a sense of achievement..chota muuh, badi baat!..but yes, I do feel proud of myself!..not to show the world, but to myself.."kuch to life ka kar sakti hun aapne dam pe"! didn't had a single penny in my pocket then....the situation is even worse today!

Got the courage yesterday..will be taking baby steps from tomorrow..i don't know if I will succeed or fail..but someone had said.."proud past, happy today and a hopeful tomorrow"!..IS THE MANTRA!


Saturday, February 9, 2013

if there is will,there is way!

I have always heard the above lines in books, classes, lectures and what not!...never took it seriously though...unless the situation become nerve wreaking for me.
Iam a 25 year old girl...aimless as ever...was an average student, love to sit in the last bench and stare at teacher mustaches, used to wonder why they touch themselves so shamelessly in front of students...studied science in plus 2 when i actually loved political science, did biotechnology, "god only knows why",  took a year break to decide what should I study next, continue playing  with microorganisms( or wear formals and learn how to be diplomatic(MBA)....zeroed on MBA as the world says it is shortcut to money or placed and joined The Hindu without discussing the salary...had no answer what is my take home unless I received my first salary...should have smelt the rat long time back...but NO!...smarty me! job profile was advertising...if you don't know what that means,  you see all those lifestyle or westside advertisements in the newspaper, revenue comes from  people who advertise, so that company's kuber ka khazana is fulled and everyone gets there salary on time!

My job was boring and pretty monotonous!...come to the same old boring office, getting some advertisements, being the prey of those boobies oogling frustrating monsters(who once said I am like his sister, son of a bitch!), that sucker who said once Roli, you  have nice, smooth lips!(my friends call me "good quality lips" till date!), taking  auto and coming back home!(chennai aauto guys charge horrendous amount even to move their ass!) life was extremely boring and sad!...forgot to mention...not even a single remotely cute guy!...every one was of my dad age and i was treated like a spoon feeding baby!

As a result my soul was getting frustrated every passing day!...The only thing in my mind was "i don't need this job"...its hell boring...never understand the concept of selling advertisement for the rest of my life without getting any appraisal or promotion(till i left hindu, this was the case, seriously!)
one strange morning, my stomach started aching, waking me up from my sleep...took some medicine...was trying to sleep again..but "nini" was far away from my eyes..when you are sick your nose becomes extremely finicky, as I getting that fishy beach smell...yes!...i took an Aatoo and rushed to the 6.30 in the morning...midnight according to my standard though!
The calmness of the beach hit me...WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING?!...this is not me!...i don't love my life right now...its irritating!...boring!...and draining! I wanna get out of this hell....but how?! and when?..shall I quit?..really shall I do that?!....will I be seen as an impatient youngster?!..or shall I listen to my inner call?!...chuck the world and do what I love!....but what I actually love?!...I donno!

You must be wondering what this crap written all above!....why is this girl so confused!...yes I was!...but not now!....I decided to do something!....something which I love!...a bold decision..and if you still confused, I just wrote few lines of my real life story...from a confused teenager to someone clear about what she wants...just started writing my the book today... a hidden desire...something which I wanted to do since ages... didn't knew what was stopping me all this somewhere, DECIDE AND THEN THINK!... that's what I just did!...listened to my inner call.

And the title of the book??... off course, "IF THERE IS A WILL, THERE IS A WAY"!

stay tuned!