Sunday, March 10, 2013

college wala Mess!

college mess?!..ha?! you must be wondering what is wrong with me and why I am writing about them. We had our graduation alumni meet yesterday(M S Ramaiah college precisely) and as I entered the college and the foodie in me barked out loud "What happened to our small garage canteen which was of the size of match box, where we used to have our breakfast of masala dosa between lab breaks,tomato rice in lunch and were serviced fungus enriched idly at times! nothing great taste wise but it was nostalgic to see the canteen yesterday.
Memories I saayy!!

I stay in the same college area even today and lemme tell you there are too many mess than my college days with equally funny names, "Bhabhi mess, Kusum mess, Paratha bhaiya, oriya mess, kolkata mess, kerela mess, bachu mess, north Indian mess"...list is very long...phew!

And how dare I forgot?!...our one and only "window mess"!....:-)
OK, our window mess was one and only mess which gives us the access to get food without us bothering how we look! arre,  it was pharmacy dept. canteen and its window was facing our hostel and guess what, one of the window pan was broken, so we used to walk to the canteen in our room shorts, mess up hair and off course all those yawns, make a puppy face to the grumpy receptionist and ask him to pass us the food! and if sweets are missing, one more barbie face! he must be cursing us!..:-D

And that anapurna mess, where the food was fairly ok  until we found cockroach in our "vegetable fried rice"! eekks! never stepped in the canteen again!
The mouth watering spicy chicken of Oriya and north Indian mess and fish of kolkata mess are just yummy!
Every hostel block had these small mess or say shops where we used to get our endless cuppa of coffee and tea and those samosas and cup noddles! our gossip sessions were  incomplete without them and they were blessing in disguise for we poor "girlies"! and if it rains "Masa allah"!

I wish there were time machine!..would love to go back to my good o'l college days and eat at those college wala mess!


  1. I miss the coll mess too!! and the polytech mess all th more!
    Jealous you gt to go for the reunion! :(

  2. aww shankzz!!...i was shouting when they showed your slide!...missed you gal!