Thursday, August 4, 2011


Arakshan, arakshan and arakshan!!!..........every where!!...what is it??....nothing but modern form of casteism!!
Casteism is theatrically banned by our constitution but in real life things are quite opposite...65 years after constitution came into effect, we still have people asking I am Brahmin or about you???....and days are not far when people will ask I am   ST/ST/ about you???...and the poor guy....general category!!
What is the need of this bullshit???....politicians say it’s a sensitive issue…is it??
constitution says...we all are equal...then what is the need to divide people on the basis of 50% SC/ST...27% OBC...4% Muslims, 3% for Christians etc etc??
Is this reservation anywhere improving the education system of india?.....i belong from a teachers family and I can strongly say NO!! does not!......did Any politician who are demanding these reservations ever saw the plight of these SC/ST students??.....they don’t have money to money for school dress, no books...70%  of schools in rural areas does not even have proper toilets, classrooms, infrastructure and teachers...does reservation solve these issues?.......BIG NO!!!
When are we growing up??....when we will understand that WE ALL ARE EQUAL...reservations are all myth created by politicians...we are being shown the dreams of IIMs, IITs(27% OBC reservation quota in these institutes) how many of them have the access to the sufficient resources to get these institutions?? Instead provide resources to class colleges, basic facilities for these students....leaving IITs and IIMs, most of the other college’s seat get filled by that 1 call from that influential person....where should the common student go??...who is answering all these questions???

I am not supporting reservations…....DO YOU??!!

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  1. well dis reservation system was started by congress.. dey wanted to bring des people in some top positions.. and it was said dat dis system will be der only for 10 yrs.. after 10 yrs some time politicians and some time people started opposing the even thought of banning the reservation system.. now forget abt d ban govt is giving quota to other castes also.. so i don think dat the politicians are in a mood to think abt d ban.. for some votes they are increasing the trouble for general class..