Wednesday, August 3, 2011

land of rising sun!!

hi!!....feeling homesick today..:-( thought of writing about AP..???
ARUNACHAL PRADESH!! located in far northeast..preety near to china...people often have asked you need a passport to come to india as arunachal is in china na??........ghrrrrrr!!!...its very much part of india!!
iam proud to say that i belong from this small state....nothing fascinating about the placeexcept the natural beauty and the lovely people!
the state to a larger extent is neglacted by govt of india....if you are travelling by train it will take you 5 days to reach the place!...imagine!!
but iam not complaning...its the place where i was born...spent my childhood...have learnt those tough lessions of life...:-)
the natural beauty of the place is amazing!....snowfall, mountains, waterfalls....every single thing!! me its better than those exotic hill stations!
the food, those overnite camps, small small shops, apple gardens, pink cheeks of those kids!

                                                     innocent souls!!

                                                      on the way home!!

gosh!!...i miss home!!!.:-((((((((((((

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  1. i like d second pic....... damnnnnnnnn guddd... and those who asked about d passport tell dem to refer india map.. n india still has 29 states.. huh i hate des kind of people:/:/