Friday, April 6, 2012

Mayoso Pul--Forgotten War hero !!

Blogging!!....after long time!!...there is this small place...known as Hawai(Anjaw) in border areas of Arunachal Pradesh...the town was small and extremely beautiful as it was covered with snowy mountains all around, orange rivers..sunny mornings..breezy afternoons and somewhere in those rocky roads you will see this old guy wearing Black coat..if i remember correctly he always used to wear black...and yes black glove in his left hand...i used to wonder why does he always wear this gloves??

I do not remember who was that...some told me...this gentleman name is Mayaso Pul....he fought India-China war(1962)..his hand also got amputation...i used to can someone fight India-China war that time and how?

The Place is highly terrain area...10-12 years ago..there were no roads or is hard to imagine how these guys must have fought the war!

I have faint memories of Mr. Pul...quiet, shy guy but full or pride...always had his head held high!
He used to come to our house even now and then and was extremely proud to tell the war he along with the army fought the war, the difficulties, Chinese aggression etc etc.

Iam surprised to read his plight in eastern express...the govt has failed to recognize the contribution of this war veteran!..and I am sure he is not the first and the last jewel of this country who the govt donot remember!

Do not understand why there are no policies which support such national treasures...they cant just be left to live a life of utter sadness.

Please spread this msg as much as you can so that he can at least get some recognition now!

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