Friday, December 28, 2012

agle janam mohe bitiya na kijo!

wo jeena cahti hai...par usse nai pata zindagi usse kya cahti hai!
her mistake?...she decided to go for a movie...night show.
RAPE...yes, once again a soul is striped of her modesty... can somebody be so insensitive?!..not only rape but the serious injuries convicted on her, I can’t even imagine something like this happening to someone...the injuries are so gruesome  that doctors are fighting hard to control their tears?!

WHY DO MEN RAPE?...a question I don’t know if someone has answer to...someone is getting raped as I write statistics highlight that in India Rape happens every 22 minutes...something which we should not be proud off... it’s no fun touching a woman without her does not make you MEN enough...but prove you to be a coward and bastard!...and who is punished? course the victim!...and the thousand questions on her character...the never ending saga of length of skirt and rape invitation, she must be drunk, lose character and the list is endless.

And our legal system truly deserves a standing ovation!
We live in 2013 and follow a constitution of 1947!....what happened in the parliament two days after this incident proves my point! MP wanted to discuss the issue in Rajya Sabha and our beloved deputy speaker P.J.Kurien didn’t had the time...why are we so one track mind?...arre ek rape hi to hai...itna kya halla macha rahe ho aap log?!

And as I write this, she is already dead....and govt promises that her sacrifice won’t be a waste, victims will be punished but what I see is drastically is beefed up at shiela dikshit and manmohan residence...WHY???..who will rape them?
I don’t blame the govt’s our shameless society who don't teaches their son to respect WOMANKIND! also have a sister, mother at home.

My heart goes to her family and that young gentleman who was with her that unfortunate night...a father who was proud that his daughter is doing physiotherapy, will bring laurels to family, mother who can’t stop gushing about her daughter, brother for whom her sister was his inspiration...has a full stop in front of them...the scar will be with them for the rest of their life.

Today I feel ashamed to call myself and Indian, my head is hung in shame that I live in a country where there is no value  for a human life, no respect for a womankind!

Incredible India!

RIP Damini!

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