Monday, February 25, 2013

Just a dream!

        "DARE to dream, DARE to fly, DARE to be the chosen one to touch the sky"!

Exactly a year back, i dared, to quit my job, yes, I decided to quit The Hindu...was not happy with my life, had no idea what to do next..had read somewhere, "Decide and then THINK"!

I did the same.

My friends were shell shocked "Are you mad! you are quitting "THE HINDU", do you realize what you are doing?!I didn't knew whether it was right or wrong!..i don't  know even today!..the only thing i know is if you are not happy or satisfied with what you are doing!..chuck it!..change your life! need to take that first body else will do it for you! don't have to be like everyone else! decision was taken as a immature and impatient decision by an unsatisfied youngster!..people even thought that I am just lying, moving back to Bangalore and joining times of India ..closed my ears and let people talk what they wanted!

After a little technical delay, will be operational from tomorrow morning, and tonight while writing this blog, I feel a sense of achievement..chota muuh, badi baat!..but yes, I do feel proud of myself!..not to show the world, but to myself.."kuch to life ka kar sakti hun aapne dam pe"! didn't had a single penny in my pocket then....the situation is even worse today!

Got the courage yesterday..will be taking baby steps from tomorrow..i don't know if I will succeed or fail..but someone had said.."proud past, happy today and a hopeful tomorrow"!..IS THE MANTRA!


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