Friday, July 12, 2013

bhejja fry!!

bloggie bloggie!

I didn't see the face of my blog for so long! wont say I was busy, didn't do much other than sleeping!

Not really!

Ok, lemme spill the beans...almost finished writing by debut book! yessss!!! almost! I didn't say I finished it yet!
 I hate myself for this fickle mind of mine...there are days when the only thing I want to do is writing, writing,writing and sometimes, like today I hate opening that folder in my laptop "Book".

I am feeling restless and irritating for no reason! hope this stupid phenomenon of mine disappears soon!

mmmmmmmmmm..........I think I need my dose of  chocolate! pastry or a chocobar may be!

What is the book all about??!! 

wait for the next blog!

lemme concentrate on my chocohunt right know!

Pray for my mental peace!!


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