Friday, October 18, 2013

That Rose girl!

I vaguely remember her face, she was a little girl of 11-12 years of age, shabby uncombed hair, a worned out frock to cover on her and she wore plastic chappals, I guess. I didn't know her name.

She was the girl everyone knew on Brigade road here in Bangalore. she used to sell Bundle of roses to the passersby. She was "The Rose girl".

She was there every evening, standing outside the Levis showroom, smiling  face as always with a bundle of rose in her hand. The roses were her bread and butter and she was a tiny Entreprenuer in true spirits. she very well knew how to sell her product.

I had came across her many times on Brigade road, she never asked me to buy roses from her. She never asked any girl to buy her roses. she catches the guys instead. she will very sweetly held the guys hand and say "Bhaiya ye roses apni girlfriend ke liye le lo"! It used to be an embarrassing situation for the guy, either the girl is his "girlfriend or girlfriend in making" and he had to buy roses to impress her. at times the guy used to refuse once or twice but they eventually gave in. how can somebody say  "No" to such a cute little girl, the roses weren't expensive and she had perfectly played the "girlfriend card"! Masterstroke!Girls loved the sight of the rose girl, they secretly wished their guys buy roses for them(we all love rose,choclates and  gifts isn't it?!) Rose girl was the secret cupid for many of the buding romances.

I don't see her nowadays. not sure where did she disappear or what happened to her. Everytime I pass brigade road-Levis showroom pavement it reminds me of her. The sight of The Rose girl was a delight for many passerby by.It was a matter of fact that she had a hard life, I always wondered about her story. I knew it wasn't a happy one orelse she wouldn't been here. I have no idea where is she today or what happened to her. Ours is a big bad world and she was a tiny little girl.I hope she grew up as a beautiful young girl, full of energy and her life is as smooth as it can get. That rose girl!

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