Thursday, August 22, 2013

India ashamed! 

I read this article few days back and being an Indian I was ashamed! nobody likes when an outsider points finger at you or your family and off course country! it hurts our patriotic sentiments. how can a foreigner bitch about our glorified nation! 
But if you read the article carefully, what ever she wrote, didn't it happened to you also in your lifetime?! you won't be able to say NO! you also have been victim of all the abuses and molestation she mentions in her article. As I quote her, "For three months I lived this way, in a travelers' heaven and a woman's hell. I was stalked, groped, masturbated at; and yet I had adventures beyond my imagination. I hoped that my nightmare would end at the tarmac, but that was just the beginning." 

She faced the trauma for 3 months and went back, but what about thousand of us, we undergo torture on a daily basis? does anybody cares? government? who's that?! I was reading the article and was thinking "Damm this has happened to me too" and I am sure you also had the same feeling! but what happens next? you tell you folks, they ask you to be careful or more, buy pepper spray for you! it nowhere solves the problem dude! our society and us are at large to blame! we are the inventors of the world famous "Chalta hai" attitude! we wear it on our shoulders! ladki "maal" dikh rahi hai, sexy legs hain, line marna to banta hai boss! this is not the attitude of tennage boys, I even have meet those asshole uncles whispering in my ears in the public transport bus "I want to kiss you"! budha kahin ka! 

Michela Cross is terrified by the stalking, gropping and masturbating at, I have lost the count when and where it happened to me! buses, malls, parks, my house lane, super market, it happened everywhere!wearing short skirt and drinking makes a woman bitch in our country and she is bound to get raped! if a guy is stalking and caught eve teasing the girl is supposed to sit at home and save her modesty, and the guy?! he would be "gloriously stalking his next victim". 

How often rape cases are not reported in police station just because family ka name kharab hoga? the rapist will be happily roaming at large!A girl has the responsibility of outraging a man's testosterone levels! Take it and hate it, our society treat women as a piece of meat, the pleasure bunny to satisfy a man's need! and we don't teach our boys "Respect a woman"! no we don't do that! instead we largely believe in ladka ghar ka chirag hai, beta to kisi aur ke ghar ki amanat hai theory! bullshit!

You don't agree with my bitching of our wonderful society?! haven't you heard the well balanced quotes and speeches by our learned politicians! Take a look! and if you wanna entertain yourself with outrages remarks and the stupidity of our politicians, Google out or watch News hour with Arnab goswami(the episode with president's son!)
 The legal status of our country is so fantastic that even after having all the legal proofs in the Nirbhaya case, justice is yet to be delivered. The national stalking helpline says call us only on weekdays timings 09.30 am-16.00pm. Why people don’t get stalked after that?! 

I always wonder, will there be any day free of crime against women? 

I seriously doubt!

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