Sunday, September 15, 2013

Mind your errrr... Blouse!

Articles like this beat the s**t out of me on a cosy sunday morning! No designer blouses, jeans for govt staff?!
Government is telling its employees how to dress,talk, eat, shit and what not! Coming to office in Jeans and T-shirt gives an impression of not being serious is the ideal thought of a gentleman and other one is advising his female colleague to follow a dress code for the fear of being accused of sexual harassment!


Though this not the first time I have come across such kind of sincere advice. Almost a week back my friend at a reputed media house received a mail from her HR asking all the employees to refrain from wearing jeans and dress only in smart business casuals! can anyone please explain me how the humble jeans causes any kind of nuisance at work place?!

I hate this kind of Talibanism and mentality of the society nowadays! somehow I feel it is happening more after the delhi rape case.everyone thinks its their utmost duty to safeguard every woman and these outrageous ideas keep cropping every now and then! we talk about changing our society and making it a better place for women? its is suffocating with each passing day! I am sure you are also facing the same problem.I feel sad about those colleges students who are traumatized to wear socks or a particular kind or kurta without slit or sit separately in the classroom! nobody will go on a fucking spree in a classroom or on the road if they see a girl wearing jeans and may be a belly!

India is changing indeed! from a secular democracy to Taliban!
Good going!

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