Thursday, July 31, 2014

Why shut Down an entire city?

Disclaimer: It's my personal opinion I have no intentions to hurt anyone's sentiments. 
Ladies and Gentleman! You must be aware by now that Bangalore city is shut down today in protest of a rape incident of a 6 year old child in her own school. My heart goes to the victim and her family, her pain is beyond mine or your imagination and no words of wisdom will soothen her trauma. 
As a personal opinion,  I want the victim to be hanged till death or castrated for life. Unless we introduce tough laws in our legal system and create fear(yes, I mean that) this shit thing will not stop. As I write this blog someone, somewhere is getting raped. It's a spine chilling fact of our so called moral and ethical society.

Having said that, I don't understand why shut down an entire city?! Please explain this to me. How will disrupting the entire public machinery will bring justice to a victim when our Honourable chief Minister exclaims "Is this the only issue the public has to talk about". How does a observing a bandh and staying indoors will protect us from the "prospective rapes" when the budget allocated for women's safety by our new prime minister is just Rs. 200 crore? How does a Bangalore bandh helps in protecting the modesty of hundreds and thousands of women in this country when the judgement of Nirbhaya rape case is still pending and the rapist of this 6 year old toddler are still looming at large?
We are silently protesting against this heinous act of crime can be one argument. Is that really the case or my fellow Bangalorians have already planned there extended gateways to some exotic locations. Long weekend you know! The local liquor shop near my house last evening was  flooded as if there is no tomorrow. The handful of open restaurants have ran out of there famous grill chicken stocks. Too many orders Ma'am, the receptionist snuffle over the phone. My friends ping me "Why are you working today"? We have holiday at our office.What kind of sad organization you work for? Poor you.
I don't feel that a Bandh is a wise solution for critical issues like Rape and Violence against women. What we need in today’s time are tougher laws and assurance from our government that such criminal cases will not go unnoticed instead of the insensitive and irresponsible remarks by our learned politicians often chief Ministers. Stop encouraging “Boys will be boys phenomenon” and a diktak of does and don’t for women. ­These innovative measures will not improve our image as "Rape capital" of the world.
It’s wrong to say that we don’t have laws; it’s just that our laws are not strong enough. The Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, 2013 introduced by the former Congress government in a hurry to hide their face in the aftermaths of Nirbhaya Rape case debacle has more loopholes than practical solutions.
Few of the examples,
1. Acid attacks-as per the current law the punishment for acid attacks is imprisonment not less than ten years but which may extend to imprisonment for life and with fine which shall be just and reasonable to meet the medical expenses and it shall be paid to the victim(source-wikipedia). Did you ever met any acid attack victim in your life? Did you notice there burnt face or scar? There whole life is spoiled if they are spared alive. If they die, well and good; if they survive they live a life worse than hell. Is this law sufficient in the current from? Can it heal the permanent scar on their soul. No, it can't.
2. Any mention about marital rape in the above law? Nope, there's none. That terminology doesn't exist for in our cultural society. A married woman is supposed to have intercourse with her "Pati Parmeshwar" with or without her wish. She doesn't have a say and that's the noble cause she is born for. It's high time and already too late to introduce marital rape laws in our judicial system. 
3. There is no mention of Juvenile rapes in the current law. What if a 16 year old rapes someone? Isn't he liable for rigorous punishment if he can rape or should we let him roam freely on the roads to rape someone else when he grows up? 

It’s time for some bold and harsh decisions and it better be quick. The clock is ticking. As far as these bandhs are concerned, it is nothing but "just chilling" at the expense of someone’s trauma and pain. 
We should hang our head in shame.

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