Thursday, October 30, 2014

Book Review: Gone Girl.

I am going to make a confession: Thriller is not my genre. I am more of Nicolas Sparks and Richard Branson type of reader, not to mention Chetan Bhagat. 
I am also passing through a phase where I want to read vintage classic piece like Charles Dicknes, Thomas Hardy et al. Having said that, I picked up Gone Girl because of the sheer media attention it was enjoying and offcourse the movie. Gone Girl is everywhere. Ben Affleck will be competing with Shah Rukh khan in Indian theatre this festive season; I thought why not finish the book before that and I am glad I did that. The book later make me sit all night and finish it in one go. It was a fun read for a person like me who most of the time chooses to read happy-go-lucky type stories. Yup! You get it, Gone Girl is a dark, Sadist and Physio kind of book and not every one’s cup of tea.
Gone Girl is the story of a husband-wife myridly bored with their married lives. Nick Dunne a sports journalist with one of the New York famous magazines swiped Amy Elliot off her feet; the drop dead gorgeous author of the Nation's best seller "Amazing Amy". And like it always happens, the relationship was all coy and rosy untill that unfaithful day when Amazing Amy suddenly disappears from her home. 
Nick Dunne was suspected of murdering his wife and all the evidences were pointing fingers at him. But the question is ‘Did he really murder his wife?
The plot of the book is gripping not to mention the highly addictive storyline. Gone girl is a kind of book which will make you question the faith of life and relationships; at times forcing you to believe that the faith of every relationship is same. It is a book which once again proves a man inability(read every men) to read his wife’s head. It also enlighten the  fact that not only man but women also possess ego’s somewhere deep inside them, most of the time they are not aware of its presence. But someone like Amy Elliot is not ignorant.
Above of all, if you get impressed by the shear good reviews of this book and the movie, lemme warn you, this book might make you question the faith in humankind.

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