Friday, March 15, 2013


Ek garam chai ki pyali ho, 
koi usko pilani wali ho,
cahe gori ho ya kali ho, 
sine se lagane wali ho!

Above cheesy lines are copied from some hindi movie song...i think salman khan movie...describing the essence of the humble chai(in a sexy way though)! my life is incomplete without them trust me! so many health dikkat or diet gyan keep coming on tv, drink this tea, that tea or the best, "green tea" but nothing beats the refreshment and calmness of adrak wali chai!I need my dose of "adrak wali chai" or the compensation "elachi wali chai"...just love them as my brain refuse to function unless I have my morning cuppa of tea.

The roadside chai and bakery "BISSCUIT" are my all time favorites...sounds old fashioned and farak painda hai! I actually have these favorites places on my travel itinerary and  never miss any opportunity to grab my cutting chai. like this place when I go home, the overnight bus stops at this place in dibrugarh, the early morning assam tea refreshes me like anything. My ex-colleagues in The Hindu must agree with the taste of that chotu tea stall right outside the gate and the biscuit he serves with them...DIVINE! hygiene ki maa behan though, but who cares!

As my friend tanuja reminds me of the kulhad wali chai, which you get in northern india, or thanks to lalu ji sometimes even in Indian railways, the taste is just exotic with that earthy-earthy smell!

What you thinking, go grab your cuppa of tea!

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