Thursday, March 14, 2013


You say you LOVE rain,
but you open your umbrella,
you say you LOVE the sun,
but you find a shadow spot,
you say you LOVE the winds,
but you close the windows,
this is why I am afraid, 
you say that you LOVE me too.
                                       William Shakespeare.

Hello there!

Just came back from work, was a tiring and hectic day, lying on my bed and my cuppa of coffee on the table next to me, vanessa carlton thousand miles playing loud in my room...switched off the light and lying down wanna take a little nap! alas!...its terribly hot! like really really hot! I turned the fan to its maximum speed while the thought running in my mind "Shall I buy an AC?! Bangalore"! the words sounds like murder to the world famous Bangalore weather!

It didn't rain for last FOUR months!

My time machine takes me back to my childhood(again, yes!) born and brought up in Arunachal Pradesh, where the weather was beautiful as you could imagine. but I HATED it! months used to pass by, without sunrise a single day and heavy rainfall 24x7! Mommy dear had hard time getting our school uniform dried and I remember her running with clothes the moment she spotted that one ray of sunlight. god was sitting up there and waiting, the moment Roli is out, lets get her drenched! every single time without fail and the day I forget the umbrella, DEAD!

Though I hated getting drenched in rain, I always loved the sound of rain, and falling asleep after being cuddled in my velvet red used to be so cosy! or make garam garam pakkodas, ginger tea and sit in the balcony watching kids splashing water on each other, dancing, sneezing and laughing at you!

Bangalorean know this strange fact about the city, it starts somewhere in May end, the city will be super sunny in mornings, all of sudden at 3 pm you can see cloud all around, and after 4.30 "RAIN"!
it used to be the time when our classes get over and that chaat guy right outside the college gate!....voila! me and swasti never missed the aloo tikki chaat and those rain trinklets! took an auto, back home and I am inside my blanket...time for my cosy nap while its raining outside!

OK Mr. Rain, too much of buttering now!...ab to aa jao yaar!!!


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