Saturday, March 23, 2013

anti rape law.....errr what?!

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my blog of today is inspired by this chetan bhagat's column, the link is here, and I cant agree more,

After reading the blog, I realized that I am yet to go through the recently passed anti rape law, sitting alone in my office and reading the newspaper, I cant stop smiling at the apathy of our judiciary system, they call as the tough anti rape law, I call it as "comedy law". the best part was government fear to lower down the age of consent for sex at 18 years.

I have few questions,
a) does anyone ask government before having sex?
b) do so called small Indian kids below 18 years don't know about sex?
c) does a 16 year old or 17 year can't rape?
d) why are we so skeptical about "sex"?

Does any one ask government before "thinking" about sex or bother what's there age?!...bullshit!
before this particular clause was hyped I bet 70% of Indians weren't aware that a law of consent of sex ever existed!

an average girl or a guy reaches puberty at the age of 14-15 years, instead of teaching them about there body, we refrain them of any information as SEX is taboo! talking about sex is baad! who will guarantee that these kids do not browse porn online or don't have porn videos in their phone? the curiosity always urges people to find a way out...simple rule.
I remember my school days.. 12 biology, we had these two chapters which dealt with human sexual behavior or in clear words sex! it was the first ever bio class which had 100 % attendance. everyone was curious of topic of the day..girls were shy, tugged their head down(but in full attendance ha!), face red with embarrassment and the guys had the best time. the questions they had or their knowledge on the subject, i have no words! and the best part, my teacher finished those two chapters in a day! you can imagine what he actually taught us.

a child under 18 years of age can't rape?! well Delhi gang rape is the proof, dont have anything else to say.

there is so much debate going around, eating the empty head of our dumbhead politician, to introduce SEX EDUCATION in our school curriculum? I support that SE should be introduced in school, what is wrong in teaching our kids about good and bad touch? teach them of the changes happening in their body when they attain puberty? my ramaiah hotel rommates will agree with me,there were actually one girl who thought a man's touch can make her pregnant! the famous salman-aishwarya scene from hum dil de chuke sanam! epic it was! why can't we teach kids what's happening to them, better them and empower them to take there own decisions.

Wearing long skirt or banning lipstick or opening women banks won't reduce the rape cases or child abuse...educating them definitely does.


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